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Announcing … Your Viral Banners!

Your Viral Banners has launched today, bringing the focus on results to your banners that run on sites across the internet.

The Your Viral Network has changed the entire safelist and traffic exchange business by focusing on results and giving you the best tracking available so you know what is working and what isn’t.

Now, that power comes to banner advertising!

Your Viral Banners works like a self-optimizing banner rotator.

You load all your banners into the system and then use the Your Viral Banner rotator code on all the sites where you can display banners.

Every time one of your banner is displayed, they pick one from your list at random. They track where it was shown and whether it was clicked on.

They then report back to you which banners are getting the best conversions across all the sites you display banners on.

It will automatically remove the banners from rotation that aren’t getting clicked, making sure that your banner impressions are getting you signups and sales.

Best of all, you control all your banner campaigns from one place. No logging into dozens of sites to add a new banner.

If you want more results from your banner advertising, then Your Viral Banners is a must have tool.

Did I mention that it is free to use?

Today, you get to join first and get “ahead of the curve”.

Join Your Viral Banners today!


Chris Edward Holroyd
Skype – Chris Edward Holroyd

What Really Sells Online?


it’s Selling Advertising!

Why is it the best?

Well, I’ll refer to the great Mark Twain to best answer this question.
“When everyone is looking for gold, it’s a good time
to be in the pick and shovel business.” – Mark Twain
Mark Twain’s famous quote hits the nail on the head.

Digging for Gold is a nice dream, and there are people who strike it rich Online, but the real gold rush is selling the “Picks and Shovels” to the Gold miners.

This is the real way to pocket cash over and over again.

What are the “Picks and Shovels” for online Marketers?
It’s the Advertiseing Services!

If you really want to make easy Money without struggle …
Start Selling Advertising!

I’ve seen every hot opportunity under the sun. Some are great, some come and go in a flash but there’s one thing Never goes away and that one thing is a Huge demand for Advertising!

There are over 500 million Internet businesses and that number is growing.

All businesses need advertising. How can you lose here, it’s almost guaranteed income that many line up to buy.

Billions are spent yearly on advertising, why not earn a small chunk of that!

Thousands of people on a daily basis are searching for ways to make money, joining one program after another one and never earn any money.

These people who are searching for these opportunities are finding them through what?

Someone has to advertise them meaning the promoter has to buy advertising.


There is not a better product to sell online then advertising.

Properly advertised to hungry business audience, you can earn good money by selling other companies advertising.

You will have a lot better chances of earning money then jumping from one program to other.

Selling advertising is a repetitive business which means steady, growing income.

Once you get a client and they buy advertising from you, if that advertising produces results, it’s guaranteed that client will be back to buy more advertising from you and over and over again.

Having reliable advertising sources that produce results for their promoters is another very important issue.

If you are serious about your business you need to Advertise.

So why not earn as you use it yourself?


For More Info
Check it out

Chris Edward Holroyd
Skype – Chris Holroyd 

Website Review WTIA 2.0


WTIA was launched back on 6/16/91. It was called Wealth Team Association, The internet still wasn’t fully operating at that time so it was only in the USA.

You were paid “DAILY” through the postal service, then once the internet was here, in a very short time it pick up across the globe, It then became Wealth Team International Association WTIA  It is now in over 190 different countries and pays Daily.

  • Over 25 Years Offline and Online and Still Paying Daily
  • Sharing 90% of all revenue received with Member Associates.
  • When one member joins us, Five members receive Revenue.
  • PASSIVE members may receive their first two.
  • ACTIVE members receive unrestricted revenue.
  • NO breakaway levels.
  • Revenue is received both width and depth to INFINITY!
  • Members actually become Associate OWNERS.
  • Ownership may be bequeathed to ones heirs.
  • The price point is $99 one time.
  • Commissions are paid directly to you within minutes of new members joining.
  • Upline support is second to none, No long wait time to get things done.

Utilising the ONE and ONLY on the face of the earth, mathematical genius of the UNIQUE TRINITY LATERAL method of transferring and distributing revenue.

Doesn’t interfere with anything else anybody is doing because we are an Association, not a sales company, so we are not competing with anybody for the sale of anything!

YOU are the OWNER, The administrator and programmer do NOT have a position, so we don’t compete with any member!

There’s much, much more and you can find more on our website, but for now, last but by no means least, Paying DAILY without fail, no excuses, for over 25 YEARS!!!

I Thank You for taking the time to read this, I think the decision is pretty simple, I was blessed with haven being shown The Wealth System soon after I entered the internet world, I can say I am a very proud member for over the last 11 yrs.
There is no place I would rather be, You of course have the option of going from this today and that tomorrow.
I believe sooner or later you will get tired of seeing your money and downline disappear as the business you work so hard to build “JUST” isn’t there in the morning when you wake up.
Here I will never have that fear, There is no question and I believe the facts above are “PROOF” that we’re here for the long haul.
This is something you can build and leave to your kids and family.


Proud WTIA Member Associate
Chris Holroyd
Skype – Chris Edward Holroyd

You Must Have a Primary Business?

“GRAVY” is money earned, for example over $10K per month in our cases, while promoting your primary business, which you are going to do anyway, right?

So this does Not count the money you earn in your primary business, but only the extra income you earn 

by default Thus I call it … “GRAVY”!


i Recommend Wealth Team International Association (WTIA)

STEP ONE – Your Primary Business!

Number One Most Important You Must Have A Primary Business!

Your Primary Business is the one thing that you do Always!

Regardless of everything else! In other words, you are committed to your Primary Business, lock, stock and barrel! 

You are Sold on it, period!

Everyone whom you come in contact with must know it, for example, we had a local dentist whose primary program was Excel and everybody in town knew her as “Excel Ellen”!

This works for online or brick and mortar businesses, just think of the people you know in your town whom you identify with their Primary Business Judge, Sheriff, Doctor, Banker, Barber, Plumber, Electrician, Realtor, etc, nobody is confused about what they consider their Primary Business!

MY PRIMARY BUSINESS! – is Wealth Team International Association (WTIA)

I have been committed to WTIA for over 11 Years as my Primary Business Meaning to say, I promote it First, before all others, I know all about it, and as evidence of my commitment to my Primary Business, I refuse to join anything with anybody who is not First a member of MY downline in WTIA

I have a “Feeder Program” to promote my Primary Business, by “feeding” new members into WTIA from a lower cost entry point, where members can also Learn as they Earn, while moving forward to WTIA , my Primary Business.


Conversely, if your Primary Business changes monthly, weekly or daily, everybody knows it and you are only fooling YOU if you don’t understand that!

People say, here comes ol what’s his name, wonder what he’s pitching this week, wonder what happened to his last – latest, greatest deal, not to mention all the poor folks he talked into it! 

In other words, what your grandma told you … You have to Stand for something, or you’ll Fall for anything, so – Commit to Something ! 

 YOU MUST HAVE A PRIMARY BUSINESS!                    

Because of it’s Integrity, Longevity, Residual Income, Daily Pay, Low Cost, and Much More, but you Must find your “WTIA” or people will get tired of seeing You coming!

STEP TWO – You Must Advertise!

Listen, if you think you can be truly successful online without advertising, QUIT NOW!!!

you are Not going to make it, Ever, unless you learn who, what, where, why and How to Advertise, you gotta advertise, period, or your business Will die a slow death, so, why not get Paid to advertise your Primary Business?

THIS is Exactly How a few of us are earning $10K per month!

The money is Not coming from trying to make money advertising, but from advertising our Primary Business and the money follows so, we are making money by default, in the process of promoting our Primary Business Now, trust me on this, you can’t do that with just any advertising, but you can, and a few of us do, choose to do it.


Earn $3,000+ per Month with only One sale per day …. but this is just the tip of the iceberg, you can rake in $1,000’s per week from your Sales Force!

Every one of your customers who chooses to sell advertising (like you are doing) will be in Your Sales Force, within a few months you could have 100’s of people in your Sales Force Every time any one of them makes a sale You Get Paid!

This doesn’t even factor in your own income from your own direct sales, which is 4 times greater per sale than what your sales force earns for you!

It’s Always about the Product…. Selling Advertising! Go HERE!

STEP THREE – You Must Learn To Earn!

When you were born, did the people in the delivery room look at you and say, “Oh, ok, this one’s an Internet Marketer”, of course not. you were not born anything, you have to learn. Right?

If you think you know all about Internet Marketing … QUIT NOW!!!

If you think there is something else you can learn or another tool you might be able to use, going forward, or if you are like me, and you have people ask you every day, how to do this or that, then do as I have done for over 8 Years now …

Send Them To The Person Who Can Help Them!

Then … get Paid for sending them!!!

I can’t tell you the number of times somebody has said, what about autoresponders, what about hosting, a conference room, etc, etc, etc, and I simply say to them, sure, no trouble at all, just Go HERE!

Then they go, they like, they learn, they join for Free, they like what they are offered there, they love the live, in person, teaching, training, help, support, back up and tools, tools, tools, so they join as a Free, Easy Biz, Team LGT, Gold or Platinum Member, and I’ve been Paid every month for over 11 YEARS!!!

As one fellow whom I sent there said, … LGT, with its one-stop-shop for inspiration, tools, training and services for a newbie to an expert, starting from Free, with Live support, is simply incredible. That’s what separates LGT from all others!

So Go HERE and Learn at No Cost To You!!!

Refer others, then as they upgrade and You get Paid … you can then upgrade out of Profit, not out of pocket, and you can do the same as me, or Better!

Why not???


Here is another person who is doing this now, Meaning to say, committed to his Primary Business while earning over $100K each year advertising it – GRAVY!!!

John Kielec, from Canada, is also another person who will help you, Live and in Person, online, and holds two no cost to you online conferences each week, where he covers pretty much all the above and then some, he will even show you a few more opportunities for GRAVY!

Three of which are not only earning him a ton of money but also bringing tons of traffic to his Primary Business, you can find the online conference information and you can Join HERE also and promote DNP and WTIA by also offering a low cost entry for those who perhaps would like to join WTIA but can’t afford the $99, or who are already members of  DNP  and WTIA, but also want the additional marketing arm and tools of DNP  for Only 10 Dollars!!! 


DNP , even if you are already in  DNP , at least at the Advertising Ad Pak 1 – Only 10 Dollars 4 Life, this way, you can offer those who can’t join you for $99 in WTIA , a option for only $10! 

MANY have worked their way up from $10 to being Paid Daily!!!

There is also a Great opportunity in the RFA to help others while helping yourself, It’s all explained in full HERE …

STEP FIVE – You Must Rinse And Repeat!!!

Others are doing this and earning Big Money, It is not rocket science! Requires only FOCUS!

IF you Keep doing this and you do not ever quit, on or before your first year is up, there is no reason in the world you should not be earning at Least 10K per month, Right?

Listen, it is up to you, Nobody is going to do it for you!

This is so easy that all you use is one finger, If you can point and click – you’re in business!

I have to be honest with you here … iF you say you can’t do this, Maybe you’re an L? – Loony, Lying, or Lazy?

We have people doing this earning 5k a Day, What’s your excuse???

Don’t just sit There, What’s stopping you, Were open 24 hours a day, Get Started – Right Now!

So If you are Interested?

Team Upline Sponsor

Chris Edward Holroyd
Skype – Chris Edward Holroyd