Send a joke to your friends – Make BIG cash!


Quite often, I get funny jokes, pictures and cartoons in my e-mail inbox.
I find many of them very amusing, and more often than not, I forward
these to my friends, my family, my collegues and to people I know
through my work.


I have sometimes wondered how many people that actually ENDS UP
GETTING the very same e-mail that I forward to my friends!

If I forward it to 10 people, who forwards it to 10 people each, who again
forwards it to 10 people each… well, that’s 1,000 people! And what if THEY
forward it to 10 people each? That’s 10,000 people getting the mail I
sent to a few of my friends! In a matter of DAYS!

Finally, I’ve found a totally genious website that helps me MAKE MONEY
from the 1,000’s and 1,000’s of people out there that like to get a joke in
their e-mail inboxes!


It’s totally different from the “money making scams” out there. Actually,
this is about nothing more than sending a joke to your friends from time
to time! And MAKING MONEY when these e-mails get forwarded to 1,000’s
of people out there. Yes, it really IS that simple! And it’s FREE!

Take a look at it, and sign up to start making money from the internet NOW!
( It’s FREE, so you’ve got NOTHING to lose! )



Chris Edward Holroyd
Skype – Chris Edward Holroyd

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